Hello, and welcome! My name is Jen and, as the headline says, I’m a librarian. The primary function of this blog is to corral lists (of book recs and reader’s advisory) and useful links that I (and you!) can use as a librarian or consumer of literature (both high- and low-brow).

Things I love:

  • libraries (obviously!)
  • cats and dogs –┬áthere is no law saying you can’t love both!
  • coffee – seriously, DEATH BEFORE DECAF! my addiction is very real.
  • unicorns and glitter
  • the Pittsburgh Penguins, and just hockey in general
  • sushi
  • cookbooks, biographies (the more scandalous, the better!), and crafting books

Things I hate:

  • cauliflower
  • bigots
  • allergy season
  • that’s pretty much it