Programming Idea [TECHNOLOGY]: Online Self Defense

The Lebanon (New Hampshire) Public Library has been offering a series of classes on personal digital security. Considering how many patrons I’ve helped over the years that “didn’t have a password” or used “1234” or “password” (which always cracks me up, but still!), I think these classes are a GENIUS idea.

The classes have five levels of expertise, beginning with White Belt (avoiding malware and phishing schemes, choosing better passwords, and installing anti-virus software), and going up to Black Belt (high-level online identity protection and Tor encryption protocols).

This is an extremely well prepared curriculum, which can be used for all ages from teens to seniors. I think it would be best for those patrons who are not “digital natives,” but I think everyone can use refreshers on security actions about which we may have become lazy.

Lebanon Public Library’s Online Self Defense Courses


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