Article of Interest: “These Maps Reveal the Hidden Structures of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books”

Via Atlas Obscura:

eb31bd7053eca093bc_Tattoo Map-1 copy.jpeg

[[Tattoo of Death, Choose Your Own Adventure #22, as mapped out by Chooseco]]

In celebration of Children’s Literature Week, Atlas Obscura takes a closer look at ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books. I have to admit, I loved these as a child – and I always wanted to figure out how they were designed and how many endings were possible. After reading this article, it became clear to me that these mini-novels were far more intricate than I ever imagined! The visualizations of the paths and decision points are rather beautiful. Tattoo of Death, as shown in the above image, is rather simple in comparison to some of the other stories, but fascinating nonetheless.


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